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Customer Testimonials

With our experience and expertise, you can rest easy knowing your books are in capable hands. See what our clients have to say about working with Tower Books.

Jane revamped our invoicing system allowing me to better understand who owes what and when. And I can work with her from anywhere, which is important since I am often working away from my office.
— David Costenbader, CEO, The Contact Group

Jane’s work ethic and understanding of the concerns of entrepreneurs make her a powerful business partner. That’s worth even more than the monthly investment for bookkeeping services.
— Ed Denton, President, Denton Realty Company

Jane reviewed every client’s quarterly report before it went out the door for more than 10 years at Waypoint Advisors. Her attention to detail and willingness to ‘dig deep’ into the stories behind the numbers made her an invaluable asset to our firm.
— Beth Patterson, CEO, Waypoint Advisors

Jane took leadership on transitioning our catalog-based marketing to a web-based reservation system at a time when out-of-the-box web solutions simply did not exist. She worked with our clients, our technology providers and our reservation specialists to create and refine processes that worked for everyone.
— Gordon Jones, CEO, Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty