Tower Books
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Tower Books provides a range of outsourced bookkeeping services to fit any small business. Learn how our services can help you make informed business decisions and keep your books accurate, up to date, and accessible from anywhere.



Tower Books provides outsourced bookkeeping and business advisory services to a variety of small business owners. We use a network of secure, cloud-based apps so your books are accurate, up to date, and accessible from anywhere.


Who We Work With

  • Start-ups and solo entrepreneurs who know they can’t do it all

  • Expanding small businesses that have outgrown their current solution

  • Established businesses that have an office or practice manager wearing one too many hats

  • Anyone who has fallen behind or needs to keep their books clean for tax accountants, lenders, or business partners

How We Work

  • Tower Books provides monthly bookkeeping services to our clients, who pay a flat fee each month.

  • We can customize our services so that you are only paying for what you need.

  • Here are some examples of different packages and the services they include:



We import bank, merchant, and credit card data, categorize transactions, and prepare financial statements every month. It may also include filing a monthly sales tax return or running custom reports.

Starting at $200 per month.


Small Business

The Small Business package includes everything from our Boutique package. We can also handle paying your vendors and invoicing your customers. Plus, we can integrate with your industry-specific apps and coordinate payroll.

Starting at $500 per month.



The Enterprise package includes everything from our Boutique and Small Business packages. At this level, we can set up and manage employee benefit plans, provide custom reporting to investors and outside partners, and serve as growth consultants in addition to our bookkeeping services.

Custom pricing depending on the services required.


We always work with your tax accountant to make it easier for everyone to meet deadlines with fewer surprises. We can also customize our services based on your highest priorities.


  • Prices include subscriptions to any cloud-based bookkeeping apps that you’ll need.

  • There is no annual contract, and you own your data and can transfer it at any time with 30 days’ notice. We don’t use any proprietary software.

  • If you are a brand new venture, we can set up your chart of accounts and QuickBooks Online account and get you synced up and started right away.

  • If your books are a mess or you’ve simply fallen behind, we can get you cleaned up and reconciled before we start our monthly service.

  • No matter the service level, we will always work with your tax accountant to make it easier for everyone to meet deadlines with fewer surprises.