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We help business owners make better decisions.

We help business owners make better decisions.

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It starts with clean books. That means we accurately classify transactions and reconcile your bank and credit card accounts to their statements each month. It also might mean filing your sales tax return or invoicing your customers in a timely manner.


Then What?

We help you understand what the numbers can tell you. Monthly or quarterly meetings with Jane give you the chance to review reports together and gain insight from her 20+ years working with entrepreneurs.

You can match your “gut instinct” with real-time data to make the best decisions for your business.

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So you can sleep better at night and make better decisions during the day. No need to stay chained to your desk or worry that you’re leaving money on the table. Working with Tower Books will give you the freedom and confidence you need to run your business well.

Jane’s work ethic and understanding of the concerns of entrepreneurs make her a powerful business partner. That’s worth even more than the monthly investment for bookkeeping services.
— Ed Denton, President, Denton Realty Company

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