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Jane Tower is the finance and operations professional behind Tower Books. Discover how her experience working with small businesses makes Tower Books your ideal option for outsourced bookkeeping.



By delegating your bookkeeping to Tower Books, you will reclaim hours of your life to focus on what you do best. Our rock solid workflows will bring order to your record keeping and you’ll always know who is doing what to get the job done. And using your monthly reports, you’ll make informed business decisions looking through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror.


Jane E. Tower, CFP®

Jane Tower is the mastermind behind the bookkeeping systems and financial analysis at Tower Books. As a finance and operations professional for the past 20 years, she loves to advise and encourage small business owners. Her innate curiosity and practical experience make her the perfect partner for busy entrepreneurs who know that they can’t do it all.


Jane started her business career working with Dave Matthews Band and their related management and merchandising businesses. Within just a few years, the band went from playing in fraternities and small clubs to selling out Giant Stadium and massive amphitheaters. And Jane went from learning the first version of Quicken on a used Mac Plus computer to managing dozens of employees, overseeing a multimillion dollar merchandising powerhouse, and delivering management accounting services to the band and every branch of the organization.

From there, Jane moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to help the owner of a successful real estate and property management firm through the transition of purchasing a Coldwell Banker franchise. As operations manager, she oversaw the marketing and technology teams and handled many special projects for the owner.

In 2001, Jane assisted an experienced investment advisor in founding Waypoint Advisors, an independent, registered investment advisory firm. Jane set up and mastered the portfolio management and CRM software, created custom reports for the largest clients, and generally turned the CEO’s vision into reality. Jane went on to earn the Certified Financial Planner designation and advised high-net-worth clients in addition to her firm management responsibilities. As her responsibilities grew, she was managing the client service and operations teams as well as overseeing the HR and bookkeeping processes.

Jane started Tower Books in 2018 to use her wealth of experience to help growing small businesses with their bookkeeping. She focuses on working remotely by collaborating using cutting-edge, cloud-based technology. Whether your books are a mess and need to be reconciled or you just need help keeping them accurate and up to date, Jane can step in and deliver just what you need now. She is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor who can perform QuickBooks implementation, migration, training, cleanup, and more. If you'd like to talk about how Tower Books can help you and your business, give us a call today at (757) 512-8742.