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Jane Tower is the finance and operations professional behind Tower Books. Discover how her experience working with small businesses makes Tower Books your ideal option for outsourced bookkeeping.



By delegating your bookkeeping to TOWERbooks you will reclaim hours of your life to focus on what you do best.  Our rock solid workflows will bring order to your record keeping and you’ll always know who is doing what to get the job done. And using your monthly reports, you’ll make informed business decisions looking through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror.


Jane E. Tower, CFP®

Jane Tower is the mastermind behind the bookkeeping systems and financial analysis at TOWERbooks.  As a finance and operations professional for the past 20 years, she loves to advise and encourage small business owners. Her innate curiosity and practical experience make her the perfect partner for busy entrepreneurs who know that they can’t do it all. 

Jane revamped our invoicing system allowing me to better understand who owes what and when. And I can work with her from anywhere, which is important since I am often working away from my office.
— David Costenbader, CEO, The Contact Group
Jane’s work ethic and understanding of the concerns of entrepreneurs make her a powerful business partner. That’s worth even more than the monthly investment for bookkeeping services.
— Ed Denton, President, Denton Realty Company
Jane reviewed every client’s quarterly report before it went out the door for more than 10 years at Waypoint Advisors. Her attention to detail and willingness to “dig deep” into the stories behind the numbers made her an invaluable asset to our firm.
— Beth Patterson, CEO, Waypoint Advisors